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Our Approach

In a moving and globalized world, economic players’ business health is directly linked to their ability to deal with growing uncertainties: increased global competition, innovation race, evolving regulations, stakeholders’ increased pressure on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues…

With our global approach based upon business intelligence, CSR and innovation management, we provide operational insight to help private and State-owned organizations identify business opportunities, mitigate risks within their business environment and make independent and informed decisions.

Who we are

Anne-Catherine Mauny is the founder and CEO of GESRI. She has been providing strategic insight and risk management consultancy to leading global companies, French State-owned organizations and European institutions for over 20 years.

Anne-Catherine has worked on hundreds of strategic & market intelligence, technology scouting and non-financial due diligence projects for high-growth businesses such as transport, energy, environment, healthcare and mass retail industries.

Following a growing involvement in CSR and innovation management issues, she decided to create GESRI with the following ambitions: to offer specific services combining business intelligence, CSR monitoring and innovation management to help public and private organizations meet the rewarding challenges of innovation and societal issues, and to provide SMEs with decision-making and operational support services, which are generally delivered to major corporate groups.