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Win business opportunities

Improving competitiveness and winning new markets is directly linked to the ability of leveraging business and finding growth opportunities. In a globalized economy, a company’s success increasingly depends on its ahead understanding of its business environment’s strengths and weaknesses (competitors, clients, suppliers, regulatory environment…)

At a time of information overload, gaining access to the right information at the right time can be instrumental in winning and securing business opportunities.

Get an insight ahead
on your business environment
and gain competitive advantage

〉〉 Stakeholders’ strengths and weaknesses
〉〉 New market trends
〉〉 Regulatory follow-up
〉〉 Benchmark of best practices…

〉〉 Mapping of levers and hurdles to access risk-prone countries (insight of competitive, regulatory, political, social backgrounds, business climate, risks for business continuity…)
〉〉 Operational and strategic recommendations for risk mitigation

on market segments, business and competition, technology, regulatory changes

open innovation
and local industries

〉〉 Identification of innovative technological partners and technology developments
〉〉 Sourcing of technologies (disruptive/incremental innovations)
〉〉 Development cost assessment

〉〉 Mapping of local industry players
〉〉 Assessment of synergies and shared business opportunities

Secure your business

Economic players are increasingly asked to meet transparency requirements under stakeholder pressure (shareholders, suppliers, clients, public authorities, trade unions, NGOs, community…) and evolving regulations. Risks of non-compliance with anti-corruption requirements and ESG-related duty of care must consequently be scrutinized when entering into business partnerships.

Image and reputation are also key drivers for securing business valuation and survival.

Identifying and mitigating legal, ESG, operational and reputational risks has become instrumental in helping investors prevent against poor valuation of their acquisition and avoid reputational issues that could derive from unsound investments.

Mitigate risks entailed by M&A and partnership operations

〉〉 Identification of possible risks of non-compliance with regulatory/normative requirements
〉〉 Red flags
〉〉 Recommendations for risk mitigation measures

〉〉 Identification of possible operational risks (industrial/busines capabilities, innovation portfolio, relationships with clients/suppliers…)
〉〉 Identification of possible legal disputes, reputation and honorability of a company and its Principals
〉〉 ESG risk assessment (CSR policy, environmental, social and governance practices, business climate…)
〉〉 Possible risks for business continuity…

Assess your ethical compliance
Secure relationships with your business stakeholders

consistency analysis between companies’ image/product policy/governance patterns… and stakeholders’ expectations

〉〉 Understanding of CSR best practices in unfamiliar markets

〉〉 Identification of CSR leverages for business continuity